"If you wait until you're ready, you'll never be ready."

Sorry guys, but the idea of blogging to me seems kind of...over-rated. Everyone blogs. Everyone and their mother, and sister, and her cousin, and probably even her dog blogs. Basically, if a thing simply exists, there's a blog on it. Mom blogs, wife blogs, infertility blogs, makeup, photography, DIY, food, chocolate, depression, coffee, farms, flowers - it's overwhelming, really.
So why should there be another one? That's what I asked my husband. Who would ever want to read what I have to write? What do I even have to write about? I haven't done anything or been through anything that even merits a blog. Who cares if I did this, or went here, or what my thoughts are on world peace or whatever? And most of all, what if people think I am... (gulp)...silly?

His answer? (Stand back, and be amazed) Because. Everyone has a different opinion, and everyone has his or her own perspective on everything. A message you share with someone may help him, just by the way you share it - even if it's a message he's heard a thousand times. He may have never heard it from that perspective.

I think I may have married a wiser person than I will ever hope to be. (Because let's face it; I'll probably never have my life together enough to be considered wise.)

But really, I guess I had to just get that whole I-don't-have-anything-to-share-that-could-possibly-help-anyone thought out of my head. It made me feel like I wasn't ready to write anything and share with anyone, because I hadn't done anything "big" or "worth it" enough. 

But I do struggle. And I find ways to overcome it. I do live a pretty adventurous life. And adventurous people inspire me. I dream pretty big too. And other big dreamers fire me up. So maybe I can help someone be an overcomer. Maybe I can be an inspiration. Or maybe I can fire people up about their dreams.

So what if you think I am silly? We're all pretty silly, in our own fabulous ways, aren't we? Some people simply choose to be more transparent about their silliness. If I keep waiting to be "ready" to share with you, I might go my whole life waiting to be ready. So I'mma start now. Be prepared for a bunch of random crap about me & my odd, adventurous, newly - married life. Oh, and pictures. Because that one at the top is almost 4 years old... and my hair don't even look like that anymore. And let's not even talk about the eyebrows. #theshame

~ Kaylee


About Me

Hi, I’m Kaylee.

I’m a Florida girl living in Indiana, with a crazy adventurous streak, a ridiculous coffee obsession, and whole ton of huge ideas & big dreams. 

Fun Facts:

+ I am 19, graduated from high school, finished with 3 semesters of college, and married to my high school sweetheart & that shocks a few people because really, who does that?

+ I hate peas, spiders, and folding laundry

+ I adore my hotpants husband, meeting new people, #allthingsfloral, strawberries, essential oils, and instgram

+ I love Jesus, and I’m so, so passionate about foster care & adoption, missions, photography, travel, and organic living

+ I sometimes eat too much dessert, and too many carbs, neither of which I plan on changing because you only live once, right?

That pretty much sums me up in a few sentences. Now let’s be friends!